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customs clearance of goods, containers and transport to any place within the Kingdom

ِAlshmrani Company for Custom Clearance

About Us

AlShmrani Company is pleased to serve you for providing clearance and transportation service from King Abdullah Port in Rabigh and Jeddah Port . And soon from King Abdulaziz Airport.
Starting customs clearance service from Jeddah Islamic Port

We take care to satisfy all the customers we announce today the launch of the customs clearance service from Jeddah...

Welcoming customers

We seek cooperation with suppliers, traders and customs offices and transport companies. And, God willing, get the confidence of all...

Start of Our Service

Today we announce the Start of our services in customs clearance and transport. We are pleased to receive your requests...


Our Services

We offer to customer more than a service beginning from Custom Clerance through storage to transport to the customer site.

Customs Service Requist

From here you can request Customs Service and list demand details of the source and type of goods and the port of arrival Order

Our partner

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Our partner on Success Road

Do not hesitate and leave us the freedom to become...

Our Place

Jeddah-Alrwis--King Abdullah Road-Ishbilia Tower